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Do you want to become a more complete volleyball player?
Would you like to be a better passer? Develop better ball control? Improve your defense? Become a more effective and dynamic attacker? Do you want to return to the gym in the fall moving faster, jumping higher and playing with greater agility than you ever did before?

How does beach volleyball improve your physical attributes and make you a better indoor player?
The advantage of playing beach volleyball is that a player must be able to perform ALL skills.   Because Beach Volleyball is typically played in doubles format (2 vs 2) the players must be able to pass, set, hit, serve, and play defense.   It also requires the players to cover the entire court on serve receive and when on defense.   Moving in the sand and jumping in the sand is much more difficult than in indoor, so playing beach volleyball can help you develop a stronger jump and make you quicker on defense because you’re under constant resistance in the sand.

Just 2 weeks of Beach Volleyball training could be as effective as 8 weeks of indoor volleyball training!
Playing sand volleyball is a much different ‘animal’ than indoor volleyball, and because of the nature of the game (typically 2 versus 2) the unstable surface (the sand), it becomes a training tool that can help increase volleyball players stability and can aid in their core strength training.  Also, Instead of having multiple players on each side of the court, you have fewer players around you so you must always learn to react quickly and are much less likely to have others bail you out of your mistakes.   As a result, players ultimately receive a great deal more touches with the ball (on both sides of the ball) than indoor would provide.


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