About iBeach31


To grow beach volleyball and create a social, friendly competitive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.






iBeach31 Co-owner, Katie Conner, started playing indoor volleyball at the age of 5, learning the basics from her volleyball enthusiast older sister, Jaime.  Following in her sister’s footsteps, Katie started to invest all her time and passion into volleyball, giving up on her other favorite sports like soccer, basketball and gymnastics. Through camps, clubs and school teams, and onto the #1 nationally ranked club team at Purdue University, Katie has spent many hours in the gym. During college, she launched her coaching career with 7th-8th graders and hasn’t stopped coaching or playing since. 


Her first experience with beach volleyball was immediately after graduating from Purdue, curious to join a random group of people on an isolated sand court in the middle of Broad Ripple. Local volleyball guru Brian Hawkins spotted her and reeled her in. The rest is history…a beach player until the end. It’s been a dream of Katie’s to build and run her own beach volleyball venue. 


Did you see on our home page, "Welcome to iBeach31...Where possible becomes reality?"  Did you know that "Possible" is the word many beach volleyball players use when serving on game point.  We all have hopes and dreams in life and often hear the words, "It's Possible."  Our philosophy is to be more than possible and to make possible a reality, whatever your possible is in life.  


Success in sports is often equated to wins and losses.  When we break it down, the lessons and the importance goes far beyond whether you won or lost.  The leadership, teamwork, discipline, friendships, hardships, adversity, resilience, pushing through injuries, bonding and connecting with your teammates and yes even your opponents, and most importantly, believing and feeling you are a part of something.  


All of us at iBeach believe in our mission.  Whether we are coaching your child, you are playing in an adult social league, watching on the sidelines, or visiting us for a party or work event, we want you to feel a part of iBeach.  Thank you for being a part of our story!






Founder, Co-Owner, & Coach

Founder, Co-Owner, & Coach

Katie Conner is all about health & wellness, beach volleyball, and family & friends.


Work Experience

The Founder and President of Powerful Health, Katie’s first start-up venture was a community-based program specializing in healthy cooking camps, wellness campaigns and challenges.  The philosophy on which Powerful Health was developed remains a fundamental building block in Katie’s career choices:  "No matter who we are, what we do, or where we come from, we all have a common denominator.  We all want to feel our best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, have a deeper sense of purpose, and be fulfilled in our daily lives.  Yet we live in a crazy fast paced world and more times than not fall short of feeling our best in one or all of those areas.  Connecting our values to our daily habits is the key to lasting behavior change.  There is a practical solution to living well!"

Fifteen years of experience in corporate and community wellness, non-profit, program planning, public speaking with expertise in stress management, nutrition, exercise and health coaching have sculpted Katie’s business acumen. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from Purdue University, holds the following  professional certifications: CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist), CWC (Certified Well Coaches) and CLY (Certified Laughter Yoga) and continues to pursue and attend professional development opportunities. She has coached thousands of people from coal miners in West Virginia to shift workers, CEOs and stay at home moms. Katie also worked in conjunction with St. Vincent Project 18 to design and pilot a nutrition program for childcare centers focusing on green smoothies and whole fruits and vegetables.  

Coaching Experience

Katie started playing beach volleyball right out of college and has played competitively for the last 14 years, dabbling in a few AVP Next tournaments over the years. Katie's recent volleyball experience includes: JV Westfield Womens Volleyball Coach 2021- current, 8th grade Westfield Coach 2019-2020, Rev 12u-14u coach 2  years, Assistant 12u coach for Boiler Juniors, 12-1 Academy Grand Park club volleyball coach, K-12 beach training and coaching, Head JV and Assistant Varsity Coach for Hamilton Heights..‚Äč


Personal Life

Katie enjoys spending time with family, learning and growing a small business, coaching, playing beach volleyball, listening to TED talks, playing cards and board games, and creating new healthy food choices.  Well, time is limited these days with travel sports for the kids and growoing iBeach so the last two have consisted of "healthiest choice" at fast food venues and to go grocery options and watching our kids play and run them around to and from activities :)

Last and most importantly, Katie is married with 5 kids.  It's the crazy fun, never a dull moment, blended, modern family, style living.


Co-Owner, Operations Manager

Co-Owner, Operations Manager

Brittaney Bunch is all about family, the outdoors, and taking an overall holistic approach to life.  Brittaney is also extrmely passionate & dedicated to growing the Sport of Beach Volleyball!


Work Experience

12 years experience as a restaurant & customer service manager Brittaney fully understands what it takes to run a successfull business and to always put the customer first.  Brittaney has success with other startup businesses as well. She attended IUPUI with a focus in Tourism, Conventions, and Event Managment.

In addition to being the Owner at iBeach31, Brittaney is a mother of two, both of whom have a very high level of committement in Beach & Indoor Volleyball.

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